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The Authorized Training Center of methods of Professor Reuven Feuerstein disseminates his methods in Czechia and Slovakia, it serves as a beacon to all those who deal with his methods. All our courses are accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic.
Feuerstein's methods are focused on the development of the art of learning. They enable to identify and develop an individual's learning potential; they are based on the principles of structural cognitive modifiability and the experience of mediated learning.
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ATC News
This year, the ATC, in cooperation with the PPI, is organizing 11-15 July 2022 already the 5th year of summer camp with FIE for children from 6 to 12 years. If you are interested in more information about the camp, or you want to register your child, read on ...

Nejbližší nabízené kurzy

LPAD 2022, 23.-27.5.2022; 3.-7.10.2022; 7.-11.11.2022, Praha, 29.000
FIE Basic 1 doplňující, 6. - 8. 6. 2022, Praha, 4.000 Kč
FIE I, 6. - 10. 6. a 3. - 7. 10. 2022, České Budějovice, 11.000 Kč
Jak naučit žáky myslet a učit se ("ochutnávka"), 7. 6. 2022, Brno, 1.000 Kč
FIE Basic 1, 25. - 29. 7. 2022, Zvolen (SLOVENSKO), 340 EUR
LPAD 202223.-27.5.2022; 3.-7.10.2022; 7.-11.11.2022Praha29.000
FIE Basic 1 doplňující6. - 8. 6. 2022Praha4.000 Kč
FIE I6. - 10. 6. a 3. - 7. 10. 2022České Budějovice11.000 Kč
Jak naučit žáky myslet a učit se ("ochutnávka")7. 6. 2022Brno1.000 Kč
FIE Basic 125. - 29. 7. 2022Zvolen (SLOVENSKO)340 EUR

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