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Feuerstein to the Slovak Prison System

A very important moment in the ATC project activities took place in connection with the excellent cooperation with the Prison Service of the Czech Republic in the form of establishing cooperation with the Prison and Court Guard Service of the Slovak Republic (ZVJS SR).
Our main goal in this project is to provide support to special educators, psychologists, educators and other members of the Prison and Court Guard Service throughout Slovakia, who are in charge of resocialization and re-education of convicts. The support we provide is education in the method of Feuerstein's instrumental enrichment. In this way, they will gain an effective tool and skills for effectively influencing the cognitive development of convicts. Thanks to Feuerstein's instrumental enrichment, they will have the opportunity to influence the most needed internal motivation of convicts to achieve a basic or even higher level of education and to change their own life outside prison. /The project is implemented with the support of Bader Philanthropies, Inc./

More projects

In June 2020 we launched the "Food for Your Body and Mind - Phase 1" project for the Food Bank for Prague and the Central Bohemian Region in June 2020.
Based on previously implemented activities , at the end of 2020 we have launched the continuation of the project entitled "Food for Your Body and Mind - Phase 2".
In the middle of 2020, we started working on project preparation. The main activities have been largely taking place in 2021.

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