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Summer camps with FIE

The implementation of the Summer Camps has been supported by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The project was implemented in July and August 2021.
The main goal of the summer camps was to activate children's internal motivation, ie a necessary factor for the learning process, for physical activities and related settings of balanced mental well-being and health, to contribute to strengthening knowledge in key educational areas of the framework educational plan (FEP). Thanks to the activation of internal motivation, we renewed children's interest in education, which, according to cooperating schools, has greatly decreased for many pupils due to distance education.
With colleagues from partner institutions, we organized a total of 20 camps for about 350 children, most camps were focused on working with one of the three age groups (7-9 years, 10-12 years, 13-15 years) so that it was possible as efficiently as possible to fulfill the set goals and adapt all activities to the given group with regard to the age, interests and needs of the children. The camp leaders were teachers and educators who knew the children well, so they targeted their needs for a smooth return to school. Due to the fact that the children were mostly from the same school and often also from the classroom, social relations between classmates were strengthened again.

More projects

A very important moment in the ATC project activities took place in connection with the excellent cooperation with the Prison Service of the Czech Republic in the form of establishing cooperation with the Prison and Court Guard Service of the Slovak Republic (ZVJS SR).
In June 2020 we launched the "Food for Your Body and Mind - Phase 1" project for the Food Bank for Prague and the Central Bohemian Region in June 2020.
Based on previously implemented activities , at the end of 2020 we have launched the continuation of the project entitled "Food for Your Body and Mind - Phase 2".

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