PUBLISHED ON 20. 12. 2021
We wish you a peaceful and fragrant Christmas holidays and many light points for the new year, which you can organize according to your wishes.
PUBLISHED ON 22. 11. 2021
Due to the current inflation and the rising costs associated with the organization of our educational events, after a long hesitation, we proceeded to a slight increase in the price of some of the newly listed courses.
We are pleased to inform you that another edition of our conference "Development of thinking in different conditions" finally took place on 22 October 2021 in Prague, this time with the subtitle "... it makes sense!".
PUBLISHED ON 5. 9. 2021
We bring you an interview of the director of ATC Eva Váňová on the podcast Záhodno ("Guide to the Wilderness of Education") with the moderator Sandra Procházková about FIE with the subtitle "I was looking for something that will be beneficial for everyone". At the same time, we bring you an interview with FIE studying trainers reflecting the year 2020 marked by the closure of schools - you can find the interview in the annual report for 2020.
PUBLISHED ON 22. 7. 2021
Also in the summer of 2021, ATC, together with the Counseling Centre for Integration (PPI), with the kind support of ČEPS, offered a group of 12 children the opportunity to participate in a suburban camp with the FIE method ...
Within the call of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports Summer Camps 2021, we are implementing the project ev. No. 0383/12 / KEMP / 2021.
PUBLISHED ON 26. 3. 2021
The "On-line meeting" with Eva Váňová and Ondřej Věnek Vysopal took place on Wednesday, March 24, 2021, we thank to all participants for the number of questions, shared experiences and the positive atmosphere created!
PUBLISHED ON 11. 3. 2021
We would like to inform you that these days we have received a grant "Support for the education of seniors in the form of FIE clubs and deepening the qualifications of activation and social workers" from the Prague City Hall.
Our colleague Katerina Zidu published an article in the magazine MUj svet 2/2021 called "Learning that is fun? Not only children love the Feuerstein method."
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