Courses postponned

PUBLISHED ON 9. 11. 2020
Dear visitors of our website,
let me assure you in this way that we are looking forward to the time when, based on a removal of the restrictions concerning the coronavirus situation, we will be able to return to our work, ie. organize FIE or LPAD courses, and other activities. Therefore we postpone all course dates that could not be completed until they are realizable (or we believe that they will be realizable). Our administrator Jana Žišková remains in contact with you.
I look forward to seeing you soon!
Wishing you nice autumn days on behalf of  the ATC team,
Eva Váňová
Director of ATC

Další aktuality

PUBLISHED ON 2. 10. 2020
The planned conference of ATC and Charlie Karlín will take place at the beginning of 2021, we will inform you about the exact date in time.
PUBLISHED ON 2. 12. 2019
We are pleased to inform you that on Wednesday, November 13, 2019, we organized the 3rd edition of our regular conference Development of Thinking in Different Conditions, this time with the subtitle "from ideas to their implementation".
On Wednesday 10 April 2019, ATC presented its activities in own stand at the jubilee 20th year of the traditional NGO Market trade fair.

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